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You're in the right place to prompt your business into the digital video age. 12Basket Productions has the professional experience you demand as you plan video coverage of your event or develop your company's commercial or television show. 12Basket Productions is qualified and ready to assist in every aspect of digital video production: from videography services, editing, production skills, planning, idea implementation, cable and satellite broadcast, webcasting and more. And all with a personalized touch and work by dedicated perfectionists. This is 12Basket Productions-- video services for the equine industry and beyond.

Horse Master with Julie Goodnight 12Basket Whole Picture
Click here to view the first Horse Master episode of 2009.

Watch it now! Clips from Horse Master with Julie Goodnight and samples of 12Basket produced commercials and training videos on our dedicated channel now! 12Basket Productions videographs and edits the new hit, award-winning show on RFD-TV. Watch Horse Master with Julie Goodnight each Wednesday at 5:30 EST on Dish channel 231, DirecTV channel 379, and Verizon and Charter cable.

RFD-tv 12Basket Productions

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