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Contact us today to find out how we can help with your upcoming project. Here's a sampling of what we can offer. . .

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Editing- We use one of the most popular professional editing systems in the nation.  This system has edited everything from some of the biggest movies to thousands of weddings, and we know all the tricks.

HD Camerawork- We have a Sony PMW-EX1 HD Camera.  It has ½ inch chips and is a cut above the ambiguous HDV cameras.  This camera is broadcast quality, with a stellar picture.


SD Camerawork- We have 2 SD cameras, a Sony PD-170 and a PDX-10.  Both good, sturdy cameras that have seen thousands of hours in the field and around the nation.

DVD Authoring- Coupled with our Editing software, our DVD software works seamlessly with it, insuring quality.  These are not your “package” graphics that you and the rest of the nation have seen.  We offer custom DVD authoring that has the detail to make your project stand out from the rest.

Motion Graphics- Particles, replicators, and the 3D graphic world can open up to you for your video production.

Webcasting- Many live event producers use this tool to let the rest of the world be a part of the event.  The producers can choose to have it open or as a pay-per-view.  It can also be used by clinicians, seminars, educational or religious gatherings.  Another use is for companies to utilize the webcasting in order to show their vendors new lines of product without all the travel hassle and expense.  A great example is clothing companies can have a fashion show for the stores that carry their line.  This is a great way to get the stores excited about the future line, and help the clothing companies stream-line their feedback from the companies, without the expense of any travel for anyone!

Live Event Coverage-  Many events want a video company there, as a vendor in order for the participants to watch their own performances.  Equine, ice skating, gymnastic, or any other performance event can be taped by our company, then be able to be watched by the participants to learn, or have as a keepsake.


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